Civic Data Alliance

#HackTheVille & Arduino

It’s time to #HackTheVille, ya’ll!

Join the Civic Data Alliance, Metro Louisville’s OPI2 and LVL1 for our monthly #HackTheVille night at LouieLab.

Bring your code to life at the next #HackTheVille with Arduino!

Nathan Armentrout from LVL1 will be helping anyone who wants to learn the basics of electronics from writing code to wiring sensors together. No need to bring your own stuff, LVL1 will provide its classroom kit of Arduinos for hacking. Because they are awesome. Let the fun (and Skynet) begin!

This month, we are also inviting community leaders for a research and discovery session regarding community wants/needs and will also be covering civic hacking skills and hackathon prep for the upcoming IoT hackathon and maybe some Alexa skill building in node.

Hope to see ya there, and please do share far and wide. #hacktheville, it’s gonna be good times.

When: July 17th at 7pm and every 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm going forward._

Where: LouieLab: 745 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 Map

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