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NDoCH Recap

NDoCH Recap

Thank you to all of the civic hackers who attended the event, Mayor Greg Fischer, Grace Simrall and our sponsor, Forest Giant. You made the event a huge success.


Louisville Food Desert
Team: Amy Shah, Lorinda Peoples, Justin Carver, Holly and T. Montgomery
Project website
Urban areas of Louisville, KY suffer from lack of access to full-service grocery stores. This group is trying to understand the problem in a more in-depth and clear way. Our group plans to propose solutions if possible.

Vacant/Abandoned Properties Cost
Team: Sara Anderson, Rebecca Wheeling, Lauren Kimme, Stan Siranovich, Steve Watkins, Austyn Hill, Robert Kahne
Project repo
During the National Day of Civic Hacking on September 23, 2017, and group from Louisville, Kentucky investigated the vacant and abandoned properties in Louisville. The team decided to use various data sources on the Louisville Open Data Portal to determine the cost to the city of maintaining the properties, and the revenues which might be collected from the properties.

Digital Inclusion Mapping
Team: Pat Smith, Ed Blaney and Reydell Leon
Project map
Louisville Metro Digital Inclusion Low-Cost Internet Sign Ups - 2017

Online Security and Privacy
Team: Raechele Grey, Katelyn Barnes, Martin Lindsey, Alex Hagerman
_Project repo
This group focused on discovery regarding best practices for implementing and leveraging security tools already in existance that provide online data security for individuals and research/discovery to further building custom tools that can solve security problems more effeciently.

IoT Voting Toolkit
Team: Matt Gotth-Olsen, Anthony Bouvier, Margeaux Spring
Project repo
This group focused on discovery regarding best practices for implementing and leveraging current voting tools and API's into a usable format (they will need to build out an API for Kentucky) for and IoT voting toolkit

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