Civic Data Alliance

International Open Data Day 2017


The Civic Data Alliance will hold its sixth annual CodeAcross/Open Data event, which this year is being called Open Data Day, to coincide with International Open Data Day. It’s a weekend of civic hacking events hosted by over 250 cities around the world. The goal is to open public data and inspire residents everywhere to get actively involved in their community.

This year the City of Louisville is cosponsoring the event. It will be held in the brand new LouieLab space, and will have a focus on public safety. Expect new open data and event projects around police, EMS, fire, and the community.


  • Major Eric Johnson (Administrative Services) from Metro LMPD
  • Sergeant Donnie Masden (Technical Services) from Metro LMPD


Existing Event Data Sets:

For future release:

  • 911 data across police, fire, EMS (700K/year).
  • NARCAN/opioid administration and deaths.
  • Fire - run info: location, fire station, engines involved, injury numbers, multiple timestamps, date, outcomes.

Who should get involved? Urbanists, civic hackers, government staff, developers, designers, community organizers, and anyone with the passion to make their city better.




A super big thank you to the always awesome Astronomer for sponsoring this event.

What they do:

Astronomer connects disparate data sources and hard-to-reach, complex data sets to get data flowing, from any source to any destination, in real-time.

Louisville Open Data

Thanks to Louisville Metro for opening data and hosting the event at OPI’s LouieLab.


We recommend you take TARC, bike, walk, or carpool to the event. There is $10 all day parking at the 8th and Main garage connected to Slugger Museum. At the same time as our event is the Anthem 5K, and a regional kids science fair at the connected KY Science Center.

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