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Data For Democracy has announced their very first Data For Democracy Global Hackathon and Louisville is one of only seven cities hosting an onsite event, so yasssss and big ups to Louisville Metro and OPI’s LouieLab for generously donating their space for the event.

The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission makes a substantial amount of information available to the public through their work, nearly any question about how a legislator voted is available to the citizenry. Anyone who has a specific question about a legislator or a piece of legislation can easily have their question answered. However, the format through which they release the information is not optimal for analysis. Creating an API helps analysts do their job much easier. With an API, we can answer questions like “How many Democrats voted for bills primarily sponsored by Republican legislators” or, “Which Republicans were most likely to co-sponsor legislation with Democrats” or, “Which legislator missed the fewest votes”. These are important questions, and we hope that our work assists analysts and journalists probe these important questions.

All skill levels are welcome, come out and get involved!

The Hackathon will conclude with a showcase on April 2nd, 2 pm?—?3 pm EST, where the D4D community will display and demonstrate what they built during the Hackathon, in a series of short presentations.

Don’t worry about not knowing anyone?—?by the end of the Hackathon, you will. Anyone can participate, click here to get your free event tickets.

We’re looking forward to building something awesome with you!


A super huge THANK YOU to OPI’s LouieLab & Louisville Metro

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