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Open Data Day

What is open data? What can it be used for? Why is it important? Where can I find it?

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For Open Data Day on March 3, 2018, Civic Data Alliance, in conjunction with D4D and OPI2, presents a workshop on Open Data and Louisville Metro’s Open Data Portal. We want to be a force for educating the general public on what open data is and how it can be used for our community. CDA advocates for openness and transparency in data from our government and for these same principles in our government itself, including it’s officials, actions, policies, procedures and departments.

Part of advocating for and being an open and transparent civic organization is advocating for openness and transparency in all civic areas, not just the data. As members of the data community, we believe it is imperative to create avenues for our greater Louisville community to understand, implement, and manipulate open data and the Open Data Portal in the spirit of transparency and civic engagement.

In addition to the Open Data Workshop, we will also offer people the opportunity to work with the founders of the R Users Group in Louisville, for a Citizen Scientist/R101 workshop.

Another open data project featured will be the Code of Ethics in Data Science project which is a Data for Democracy project featured in this article.

We welcome people of all skills and experiences to join us on March 3.

Open Data. Open Government. For the People, by the People.

Hosts and Sponsors:

Civic Data Alliance, Data for Democracy

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