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D8 Hackathon

Join us for a special hackathon co-sponsored by District 8 Metro Councilmember Brandon Coan! This hackathon will address issues specific to this district. Potential datasets for projects include:

  • Parking violations along Bardstown Road
  • Street Lights in District 8
  • Heat Management related to tree canopy
  • Street Tree Well Data
  • Alleyways in District 8
  • Litter Bins in District 8

Please RSVP for this event: RSVP here!

While those are some ideas to get us started, if you have other questions or are interested in other issues facing the Highlands, please join us!

Whether or not you live in the district, all are welcome to this event where we will address hyper-local concerns with solutions that can be applied to other districts with the similar issues. We hope to see you there!

What to bring

Bring a computer if you can. If you can’t, that’s okay! Food and snacks will be provided by Councilman Coan’s office.

Important to know

Attendees are expected to adhere to the CDA Code of Conduct. Childcare can be provided. If you need this service, please fill out this form

Campus Map-Building 1C

Hosts and Sponsors:

Civic Data Alliance

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